NEW Angel and Cherry!

Two new additions have been put up at Trashy Designs!

First, a lovely wrapped up camisk that gives near peeks of skin between through sheer layering.  Camisk also comes with a small prim skirt to give the cami a tight appearance.

 Secondly, a pretty little camisk tied together at the hip with a small knot and adorned with a pretty decoration beneath the bust.


NEW Cami, Holly, and Nelly!

Trashy Designs has added a trio of new, fun camisks that can be worn by any kajira ranging from the furthest south to the highest north! 

Cami is a whimsical camisk with small cut outs down the front of the fabric to give glimpses of skin underneath.  Beneath it lies a pretty little halter which ties behind the neck in a contrasting color.  So soft, it begs to be touched and the holes played with!

Holly is cheerful with pretty little polka-dots all over the camisk with an overlayer of small flowers which rests across the belly.  Joined with a fluid moving empire waisted skirt, this is a lovely addition to wear around Gor or modern areas as a sweet mini-dress!

Nelly is a fisherman’s dream with wide spaced nettings held up in a high halter neck.  Wrapped around the middle is a silken drape with is held together with a small brooch.  Wear this with or without the matching pair of skirts in either knee length or duo layered mini!  Perfect for the northern girls if wanting to get their Jarl’s heart racing!


After weeks of planning, we are happy to announce the Grand Opening of Trashy Designs!  Our goal is to bring cheerful, colorful, and whimsical items to the Gorean landscape!  Pretty little details adorn our items – ranging from free woman gowns, outlaw dresses, panther girl wraps, camisks, kirtles, and more.  Not only can these be worn in Gor, they can be useful in many different genres in SL such as neko, medieval, and even modern (perfect with your favorite pair of jeans!).

Below are pictures of our first wave of items – keep you eyes open as more are to come!

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